Shop System Guide

Hey! I am going to teach you how to make a (somewhat) simple farmers market or small shop game. There is NO BLOCK CODING knowledge necessary.

Step 1: Take orders

To take orders, you need a BUTTON and a POPUP.

Change the button settings so the button is invisible, and the message says something like “take orders”. Wire the Button to the popup. (Button pressed —> open popup ) The popup should describe what the costumer wants. EX: I would like 3 Oranges and an Apple

Step 2: Give the order

After collecting the necessary items (we’ll get to that later), you need to come back and give the customer their order. For this, you will need a button (invisible, “complete order”, NOT available on game start), a checker and a vending machine for each TYPE of good the costumer wants. (EX: you only need 2 vending machines for 4 apples and 1 orange).

Remember the popup in step one? Wire it to the button. Then the button to the checker and finally the checker to the vending machines like this:

Step 1’s popup (when closed) —> button (activate button)—> button pressed —> checker (run check) —> check passes —> attempt to purchase

It should look like this:

Now go to the Checker settings. You should have as many checks as you do vending machines. The the check settings should be like this:

Check type: item amount
Item: Whatever the vending machine/item granter is selling
Comparison: Greater than
Value: 1 less than the amount the costumer wants (if costumer wants 1 orange, value is 0. 2 oranges, value is 1 and so on)

Step 3: Repeat

Repeat steps one and two, changing the buttons to both inactive on game start. You should also change the order amounts/items.

Wire the CHECKER from the Previous system to the FIRST BUTTON in the new system (when check passes —> activate button) like this:

Do this until satisfied with the amount of unique orders. In my example, I stopped after just those two, but it is better if you have at least five.

To have the order repeat you will connect the last checker to the first button that you made, like so….

Great job! Moving on to

Step 4: Getting items

How do you get the items for your customer? You will need a fruit box (or prop of whatever you are selling), a button to hide under the box, and either a vending machine (if you want to make them answer questions before getting an item) or an item granter (for easy work).

For props that have an item *thing built in to creative mode, like oranges, all you need to do is wire the button directly to the granter or vending machine:

However, if there is not an item coordinating with your prop, here is what you need:

  1. The prop
  2. Inventory Item Manger (settings to Show Item alerts —> NO)
  3. Vending Machine
  4. Notification
  5. Button

Wire like this (button pressed —> attempt to purchase —> purchase successful —> send notification)

You will be using a placeholder item, such as this raspberry in replacement of your prop item. If you use a vending machine, use the same place holding item (raspberry) but change the name to the prop you are using (apple basket, in mine). Have notification say something like “apple granted”.


Now you want to make it look pretty! Design a little shop like below, with the items you are selling, customers, a chair, etc. Hide all the buttons in the same place, where ever the costumers are.

And you’re done! Thank you for reading my guide!

P.S. You can find my finished map by searching: Little Market - Try Everything

*sorry i have no idea what to call it lol

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I actually love this guide. This is one of my favorite guides I’ve ever seen on the forum. Definitely stealing this for my game.

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Cool guide!

Nice guide, @TryEverything!

aww thank you so much! This is my first one, so it means a lot!

First guide? Nice!

I feel stupid bumping into my own guide, but my sister @Parakyeet was wondering :slight_smile: