How to take turns (Help from Blackhole927 and PotionMaster) 🟧

Good evening, everyone! Today, as a part of a game, I figured out how to get teams to switch places when a button is pressed. This is a major breakthrough in not only two-player games, but almost all games in general, but the generalization to more than two teams is very tricky.


  • Teams need to be on, and set to only 2 teams.

Step 1: Place down a button.

Step 2: Place down two pieces of text, and label them differently from each other.

Step 3: Wire the button to both pieces of text, so when the button is pressed, both pieces of text will run their blocks at the same time.

Step 4: Place down two properties, and label them TeamOneTurn and TeamTwoTurn.

Step 5: Go into the first piece of text, and add a bunch of even or odd block stuff.

So basically what this does is add one to the TeamOneTurn property, then checks if the resulting number is even or odd, and sends a message on a channel depending on the result.

Step 6: Repeat step 5, but with a few tiny modifications to the block code.

This is what your build should look like by now:

Step 7: Place two teleporters.

Step 8: Place two relays, one for each teleporter, that teleport Team One to their respective teleporter.

Step 9: Tell the relays to relay when they get a signal from one of the two channels that the text puts out when the button is pressed.

Step 10: Repeat steps 8 and 9, but reverse the channels that the relays will be using.

And there you have it! A system that allows for you to take turns without being able to cheese the game! This took some critical thinking, so I am pretty proud of this. If you put your mind to it, nothing is impossible in this mode. And with that, happy building!

Note: in later posts, to save time, I will call this a Turn Taker, Size #, with the # standing for how many teams will be moved.


Very cool @ClicClac! This can help in many different gamemodes!


Oops I tripped…


Would this guide have been better to use than monopoly? In monopoly I had relays, and when the game overlay was pressed it updated a property that was 1-7, and added one. If it was 8, it changed to 1. Thoughts?

This guide just cycles the player through a set number of teleporters, but if your think it can be useful, go right ahead!

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Might change it one day. Not now. My system works, so for the time being it works. I already embarrassed myself in front of my friends with Monopoly, so I will try to stick to what I know works.

I know the feeling!

Just keep debugging!

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I changed some of the roll code for jail, but I forgot to change one channel for when you roll doubles, so when we rolled doubles, you rolled infinite doubles and the game would glitch and nobody would be able to roll. And the worst part was that they laughed at me!


I felt that one.

Sorry about the long reply time. I forgot to clear the players inventory after games in TTT, so what happened is that if you got two in a row the previous game, taking any of the squares on the three in a row would win the game.

It was kind of embarrassing, since this was my first debut to my family.

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Your family knows you do this kind of stuff?

Yeah, its a lot of fun.

Four player games are a lot easier to debug when all four players are within 6 feet of you.

I wish my family knew about gimkit…


Also the same. Too scared to tell them though.

Oof… here’s my embarrassment story since we’re sharing them now apparently:

So this one wasn’t with something I made in gimkit, but rather with my permalinks system. Josh was hosting a game night in the discord, and I was gonna show off tic tac toe, so I sent the permalink for it. However, this was day 2 of creative, so the permalinks system wasn’t as polished. Anyway, I had to listen to josh go “Um… this link doesn’t work…” and so that’s how I embarrassed myself in front of 51 people + josh.


Only my brother knows about Gimkit, he’s the one that introduced me to it. Nowadays, he barely does it.

My [redacted] knows that I do it, and they used to do it but now they don’t.

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My [redacted] introduced me, but thinks I have no life nowadays (not denying it).


But what is your embarrassment story? Mine happened today, and everybody else has had one. Yours?

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Here’s my embarrassing story:
It was the early days of gkc, and I was working on a minigame map (it had capture the flag, tic tac toe, hide and seek (in progress), and a teleporter game). I invited four of my friends to play it, but forgot one thing. It’s really hard to control 4 people at one time, especially if they’re my friends. They immediately rushed around and pressed the first button they could find, teleporting them to hide and seek. It was in progress, but I thought it was playable to an extent. It picked a seeker, and the hiders were released into the map, except the movement meter only applied to one person: me. So i watched helplessly as my friends rushed around endlessly, defeating the whole hide and seek game, and the seeker didn’t even know how to catch them.
There you go, you are definitely not alone in embarrassing failures.