GKC is more than the block menu!

How to take turns (Help from Blackhole927 and PotionMaster) :orange_square:, the third guide that I ever made, uses them.

Loot Tables! (Fishing System like Fishtopia) | TUTORIAL | Difficulty : :orange_square:(Old Forum Repost), an extremely helpful guide showing people how to make a fishtopia-style loot table, uses them.

Even the most cutting edge help questions, like the bitwise operations in gimkit are all about them.

I’m talking about


Blocks have become the centerpiece of Gimkit Creative, and almost any bulid worth it’s salt nowdays uses them. They help out with randomization, sending messages on an untold number of possible channels, and in order to be a “good” Gimkitter, you have to know at least something about blocks.

But did it have to be this way?

This is the newly christened theoretical-physical scale. On the left side, are the things in Gimkit that require a strong theoretical knowledge to do well in. Some of the most prominent helpers are on this half of the scale, such as @getrithekd, @Blackhole927, and @mysz.

On the other end of the scale, is the physical. This side requires a strong sense of knowing how things physically fit together, and how smaller parts can make a nicer whole. The most prominent helper on this side is @WolfTechnology.

Well, you may be asking yourself: ClicClac, that’s cool and all. You just found another way to place people on a scale. What does this have to with blocks?

Well, this scale can also rank concepts and things.

On this scale, props and terrain are solidly on the right, while blocks are on the far left. That makes sense. Props are there purely for decor, and blocks are only in GKC to create advanced interactions.

However, putting general devices (I’ll use an item granter. It basically is synomous with everything ClicClac at this point), the device falls extremely close to the middle. Why? Devices can be used for theoretical interactions, which is why people such as @NavyCatZ and myself can find solutions to problems without having been on GKC for a week. They can act like blocks, in a way.

However, there is also a physical side to devices. Depending on where and how you place devices (mainly triggers, but @raeB with me), they can do different things. Wires are probably only in GKC to make it easier for people to physically see what the devices are doing! And because of this, they are close to the middle.

So, how does this relate back to the title?

Back on the scale, the forum (and GKC as a whole) falls pretty close to the left side of the scale. Why, you may ask, even though there are things for all types of people to enjoy? Well, it’s for a couple reasons. Firstly, this is a device and block oriented forum, as said by the mods. There are a lot of people who coded on other languages, and came to GKC with that knowlege. Finally, there are a lot of people who play follow the leader member with what they think. If a member says something, it is extremley easy for them to gain a large following of people who agree. Combine that with a large number of people who use blocks as the go to, and you get a theroy-focused forum.

However, there is another side to GKC. One with blocks. But also with psuedo-teaming, wires, and the accidental PIP that saves a lot of memory. GKC can do things without the block menu, and it can do it well. As a metaphor, GKC is a cake, and the block menu is icing. Don’t just eat icing, and forget about the cake.

Happy building,



I’ll add the scale tomorrow. It’s kinda a huge block of text otherwise, but it’s still readable.

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Yet another amazing essay! Nice job!

(how do you the the delete thing, I forgot again)

There is absolutely no way you read that that fast.

Actually. I read super fast and type even faster. Plus, back in the day, I used to just skim through long stuff, which gave me a lot of practice to read fast.

The theoretical side is so much fun :slight_smile:


I know. This essay basically just says: The practical side of GKC exists. USE it.

Fast enough, apparently, to miss the spelling errors


“extremely” is missing an e. (the italicized one). also is theroy = theory
not trying to be rude, sorry

I rank from abstract to concrete. That’s my scale for GKC.

I feel kind of sad. I’m not especially good at anything, not blocks nor art. Still trying to find out what that is for me. I don’t really think that I deserve my rank here.

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Same. I’m absolutely illiterate at blocks.

What am I good at, particularly?
Thanks tons, @wingwave, now I have to figure that out (not an easy task.)

Nice job, ClicClac!

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Have you tried physical device building? It’s basically just GKC without channels or blocks, and it’s what made me famous back in June. CPT is also in this category.

Yeah, I guess I do that. Still learning a whole lot. The problem is school, which takes away a lot of time.

Hm, what am I good at?

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@ClicClac, how do you end the delete thing?

You know in desmos the ~ symbol next to the 1 key? Two of those.

I always end my with < /del>.

Why did I get pinged?

@getrithekd, which chess piece would you like to be represented by?