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Well as @ClicClac said in their PSA! 📢 GKC is more than the block menu! guide “On the other end of the scale, is the physical. This side requires a strong sense of knowing how things physically fit together, and how smaller parts can make a nicer whole.” And many art guides have been published lately and some are extremly good. And thats when i realized, that there is no ratings for art guides, but there is for code guides. So im asking how should we rate art guides for 0/10 all the way to 10/10.


This branches out into the more general world of “How do we rate art?” If we rate on difficulty, that won’t be a good mechanism, due to really bad art maybe requiring 8,999 pieces. If we rate it on “how good it is”, then not only is the scale ambiguous, but people could get mad over their hard work being called “bad”.


Yeah, a lot of people would get mad if people rejected their ideas. That would cause even more chaos.


Maybe for how complicated, but probably not for looks


Do you mean how good it is or the difficulty of making it?


We don’t know


Art rated by difficulty isn’t a good way to rate art.

Someone could just place 10,000 wooden poles, and get a :black_large_square: difficulty.

If we rated by how “good” the art is, who knows what that means? And how would YOU like it if your hard effort gets called bad by someone from across the globe, then flagged for being off-topic?


Maybe something about how worth making the art is? Like the 1000 wooden poles would get a lower score because it’s not worth it adding it to your map, something complicated but really cool like FrozenCursor’s train car guides would get a medium ish score because it’s more worth it, and the guides that would get low scores would have to be easy to make and able to be incorporated easily like a custom tree or something. This is just a random idea and pretty vague

to do this we need to understand what gets a higher difficulty, more steps, or more brain

Wait what do you mean by more brain

That would be sort of rude bc what if the person thinks its worth it. Maybe we should classify based off of what theme they are like space and stuff or have the person who made it rate it

Yeah after reading the comments, im just going to forget about the post.


requires smartness

or memory

All art guides should be rated a 0/10, at least that’s what I was told. It should only go up if it has devices, and even higher if wires and definitely blocks.


yes cuz its only barriers and props (maybe a text device)

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Hard to imagine an art guide with blocks (not animation), that would be interesting (also sorry for bumping)

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