[🗑] How to Multi-Delete

[:teddy_bear:]This is a guide made for beginners
It’s meant to be short for a reason :grin:


You can use this or follow along here.
Start off by clicking this on the top left of your screen. (Or click “Q” on your CPU)
Click on Eraser Mode and select “Terrain”
Select the layers you want then to delete more, click 2 or 3 depending.

Props and/or Devices

Note: This doesn’t work on Mobile (well, that I know…)
First, highlight with your cursor what you want to delete
Next, click the “backspace” button (on computer)
Then you’ll receive this message
Select yes and your problems props/devices disappear.

Yup, a pretty short but :hammer_and_pick: handy guide if you don’t wanna spend the rest of your time deleting stuff one by one.
Uh oh, lifetime warning, gotta go befo-


Devices WITHOUT keyboard Devices WITH keyboard
Props & Devices :x: Props & Devices :white_check_mark:
Terrain :white_check_mark: Terrain :white_check_mark:

Eh, I figured to add that, but then I didn’t. (I didn’t know 'bout the camera view, just the zone) That’s just because you can never select multiple props and devices and have them in as they carry such a large area (I think), anyway, here it is I guess?


Wow, I didn’t realize we could do this


This is really short, this doesn’t need a guide to itself.


You can also select a specific terrain layer to allow drag deleting on terrain


Hmmm, but tho this is rlly helpful…i didnt know we could do that!

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I only found out recently and I did it on accident :skull:


Isn’t there already a guide on keybinds that teaches you this?

Uhhhhh no?

Backspace is in this guide.

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Ohhhhh, oops mb, i didnt read that guid….

Yeah, same. This will make things way easier, though. It can save time. :smile_cat: :clock1:

I had 1 million long problems about deletions in gkc just to make a map/build/simple guide. this solves it faster and easier

Whoa! I never realized that! Cool

wait–what? i had no idea this was possible! wish i knew this sooner.
and yes, this guide might be short, but it taught me something new and i’ve been using gkc for a while, so let it stay!


My computer processing unit doesn’t have a Q on it.

wait what u didn’t know?

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It’s funny because I’m sure if I made this guide it would have half the likes, but nice job. Another useful mini-thing I’ve noticed is using you number keys to scroll through your inventory. For example, a Blaster in slot 3 can be clicked by clicking your number 3 key, so yay…

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Honestly, this is kind of short, and might not need its own guide… Maybe we could have a wiki for this type of stuff…

Okay @GimSolver


Wait — WHAT? You can use backspace as a way to delete things?
Oh, I’ve definitely been wasting my clicking.
I knew about the multi-tile deleting thing before, so this isn’t new to me.
But, yeah, it’s short — but nice guide!?
And, that? This is entirely new! Amazing!
But seriously ~ it’s still short…


Yeah, I agree. Also, sorry everyone for not being online much!