Complete Guide to Creative Shortcuts

Hey Everyone! I recently saw I post wondering about shortcuts on the GKC platform. So I made this guide. I looked up short cuts, but I checked halfway through and found a similar guide. HOWEVER this is NOT a duplicate, and I make points the other guide didn’t so no hate please! (Didn’t know anyone called them Key-binds)

Movement keys - AWSD

Movement keys work as an alternative to the arrow keys in the bottom right of most keyboards.

A- Left (makes GIM run to left)

W - Up

S - Down

D - Right


These are used to easily access the menus found in the Creative interface

Q - Eraser (opens up the eraser Menu)

Q then E - Opens Recently Used Terrain (only works if terrain has been used)

Q then E and back to Q - Switches Easily back and forth with terrain and eraser

E - Adding Menu (Makes it easier to select props, devices or terrain)

Z - Wire (creates a new wire!)

Hover Shortcuts

These Shortcuts can only be used when hovering over the item/s in question.

Right Click and Drag - Select Multiple items (You may then use any of the other shortcuts.) Please note that not ALL items can be removed this way, such as camera views.

Backspace - Delete (Removes the selected item(s))

C - Copy (makes duplicates of the selected item(s) to set down where you prefer)

M - Move (used to move item(s)) Also note that once you have used this shortcut you can hold the h (horizontal) or v (vertical) for alignment on that axis. *credit to @GimSolver for smartening me up lol

Device Options

Make it easier to navigate Device Options and quickly input information

Tab Key - Used to switch between settings in Device Options (goes down)

Up arrow - Increase numerical value OR switch between options

Down arrow - Decrease numerical value OR switch between options

Enter - Secures options

Shift - (only in Change Size mode) Rotation Lock

In Game Shortcuts

I - Opens inventory

L - Leaderboard

2 - Goes to first item slot

3 - Goes to second item slot

Enter Key - Pushes Buttons (Hold for Holding down buttons)


What about H and V to lock the prop or device in place horizontally or vertically?


Shift is rotation lock
L is leaderboard


Don’t forget
Q then E = open most recently selected terrain placement


How would this work? I had not found that before, and it is not doing anything on this keyboard…

In the last update, we introduced the ability to hold H and V while moving a device/prop to lock it to that axis. Well, this now works with multi-select as well!


Oh yeah lol mind not functioning

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This is pretty useful! Definitely gonna remember this!


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Ooh, this is cool! :sunglasses: I didn’t know half of those, so this was useful.

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