How to make typewriter text! 🟩

Note: this is extremely unoptimized, and can be made way better than this guide shows. However, for short messages, this method will work fine.

Do you want an animation of text writing itself out like a message in a RPG, without having to animate hundreds of characters?

Introducing… typewriter text!

Memory cost: 0.635%

Everything but the block code

The actual setup is extremely simple. Make a triggerloop (trigger → wire repeater → back to trigger), then have the trigger broadcast on a channel. There needs to be a small delay in the triggerloop.

Secondly, place down three properties. The names can be whatever you want them to be.
This property contains the message you want to type out.

This property helps with concatenation.

This property helps to actually type out the message.

After that, place down a piece of text. Have it run block code on the channel that the trigger broadcasts on.

The block code

What this does is set the property that holds the text during the writing to its value last calculation + 1 letter, increases a property that helps with concat by one, then sets the text to the property that holds the text plus the next letter.

I am so sorry this turned out so dry. This was supposed to be a fun guide, but it ended up feeling clinical.

And that’s it! Any optimization is welcome! However, the simplicity of this method means there is a lot of customizability. As always, happy Gimkitting!


Nice guide.

Also, in your everything but block code section, some of the text appears to be weirdly formatted, to the right of your image.


Nice guide, but why do you need to place basically the same block twice? Would my once be enough?


You could probably use variables to only place the block once, but if you don’t, you need to place it twice. Nice catch!

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Variables don’t work because the value changes between variable usage.


I don’t think it would in this case. Set the variable to the first block, and use it for the second block, like so:


Nice guide!


If you make the variable like that, then you don’t even need it since you only use it once.


In this instance, it gets used like 100 times, once for each character.

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I meant in one time that the block gets ran. Variables don’t save after the block gets executed.

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Show me a video to prove it

Good job! This must have took a long time!

what does the finished product look like?

Interesting… That’s really neat!

I optimized the code a little bit,

Index is set to 0,
Text can be whatever you want,
Message Tick is used when you want to scan the text.

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You should reset the property AFTER you slice it. It avoids the property and variable being different.

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Actually show me brooooo

This is Amazing!

Nice guide, @ClicClac !

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This a really cool guide! Nice job!