A quick double guide on typewriter text!

Alright. So, about a February ago (28 days as of writing this), I released a guide on typewriter text, shown here:

After this, people gave me some suggestions, and I kinda let the community have some cool idea for brainstorming and I left it alone.

About two minutes ago, I looked at my design and said to myself: "This could work with popups, and I could add in realistic pauses. So I did.

The main idea and premise is mostly the same, so:

Step 1: Place down all three properties from the first guide. All the settings should be the same.

Step 2: Place down a two triggers, one to the left and one to the right. The left one should have these settings (Sorry about the names, I was bored):

Left Trigger Settings:


The right trigger should have these settings:

Right Trigger Settings:


The delay is how long the pause is. You can set this to as long or as short as you want. It also shouldn’t be able to be stepped on.

Step 3: Add in a popup like so:

Popup Settings:

As usual, the title, color, and type of popup can all be changed very easily.

Step 4: Go into the popup’s block code, have it broadcast on channel KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARL, and add in this block:

A few things about this block:

  • If you want to pause on a different character, say “E”, just change the period at the far end into an “E”. It’s that simple!

What this does is check if the entire string isn’t written out. If it is, then it broadcasts on StopMessageT. The T stands for Total, and it means the end of the message. If it isn’t, then it sets a transfer property “ARRRRRRR” to itself plus the next letter in the phrase. It then sets the concat property to the next integer. It THEN checks if the last character in the filler property is a period. If so, it triggers the trigger on the right. If not, it sets the popup to the filler property plus the next letter, then repeats.

The finished build:


If you have any questions, just ask!

As always, happy Gimkitting!

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Eh, I finally found something interesting to make.

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it is nice
especially considering most of the new guides are repeats and/or not needed for anything

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Don’t you have 3 more days on editing the original guide?

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Yeah, but it’s such a difference in just about everything that it would be wiser to seperate the two guides. OH SHOOT I forgot to add something


So i actually have a draft for a dialogue engine using this concept and ill put you in for semi-credit at the bottom even though i’ve already made the system.

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bump, I guess.

Did you get this idea because I asked you if this was possible?

I got the idea because @Raeb was pestering me on discord to make the typewriter text in his game, amoung other things.


If I want this message to continue from another popup, do I do “When popup closed” (Other popup, non typewriter) Bradcast message on channel KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRL

ummm dangg :open_mouth:

I did it so ClicClac would know what i’m talking about:
Screenshot 2024-03-10 10.34.57 AM

Oh I see

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I followed the guide, and it’s not actually typing letters…
I also found this: (Did I do something wrong?)
Screenshot 2024-03-10 10.38.38 AM
Screenshot 2024-03-10 10.38.19 AM

Is my code wrong:


That’s odd. I can’t find the blocks that were extra. Do you have everything placed down as intended?


I didn’t add extra blocks, I had 48, but I followed the guide correctly.

Edit: I checked the block code, it’s correct.

@ClicClac, what channel do you brocast on to get this to start?


Second edit: The only thing wrong is that it doesn’t show the words, everytime I close it, it opens again.

Wait, what? Can you explain this in greater detail?

When the popup recives the channel “KAAARRRRLLLLL”, it opens, after 10 seconds, nothing happens, the popup is blank. When I close the popup, it reopens again, but it’s still blank.

There’s no context in it, just the header.