How to make one block animation!

so this basically follows @ClicClac ´s How to make typewriter text! 🟩
typewriter guide but with an ¨if¨ block so credits to him
so follow that guides instructions and make the entire system set the message and all that just make sure to count each character in there cuz the trigger loop will count each character in the number prop and for each thing u want it to do make variations of these codes

(how to loop the typewriter text block code)

(broadcasting message upon reaching a certain character number can be connected to multiple things for animations)

(set text at ending of typewriter animation)
with those three you can make a sequence of whatever you want whether it be simplified animation with props (the broadcast message variation) or just want to loop the typewriter text or just set the text to whatever you want once the typewriter animation ends with all that have a good day meow! :3 (tell me if i missed somethin or not or if i did somethin wrong by accident)


also ignore the gamestart channel i did that one for the trigger loop channel so dont get confused by it

Great Guide, I could Use this!