How to make timed lasers

i made a safe zone that is protected by a laser but I need the laser to shut off after 15 sec and not come back on is this possible??

Do you want the laser to shut of 15 seconds after the game starts? If so, you could put down a relay (game start), wire it to a wire repeater with a 15 second delay, and wire that to a laser.

Do you mean lifecycle (game start)?

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yes I’m stupid

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i want a laser that when someone presses a button it activates for 15 sec then once the time is up it shuts off and cannot be used again

Have a button and a laser.
When button pressed------activate laser.
Place down a wire repeater with a delay of 15 seconds.
When button pressed--------repeat wire pulse.
Then the wire repeater to the laser.
When pulse received-------deactivate laser.
Lastly, place down another wire repeater with a delay of 0.
When button pressed-------repeat wire pulse.
And then wire repeater to button. On wire pulse------deactivate button.
Mark a solution if this works.


does this require 3 buttons??

and i was thinking wire repeater but couldn’t I just make it so that once the button is pushed the wire repeater waits 15 sec then shuts off the laser??? would that work

No, there’s just no good way to show multiple device systems coming off of one device.

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No, it requires 1 button, 2 wire repeaters, and one laser.

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Maybe try checking out these guides:

can i use this with 4 lasers?

You could use the newer device, the laser manager to do this.

Do you want the lasers to turn off one at a time or in unison actually?

all at once :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yeah, so the laser manager device should be able to do that for you. You need to assign one laser a group, for example “Laser”, and then you can just copy paste it. Then configure the laser manager so that it can affect lasers with a group “Laser”

done :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

is there anything else?

what??? so confused

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