How to make password system 2.0 [Difficulty: 2/10] (NEWEST VERSION)

So, you might be wondering ’ why r u making TWO password system guides’
well, the old one is outdated. Yes, already!!
So this system I’m about to show you will work but it’s not the best.

What you will need:
Button x1
Prop/Barrier x1
Popups (Depends)

  1. First you want to wire button to the first popup [Button Pressed-Open Popup] and make the first popup say ‘Whats the code’ or something like that. Then wire the popup to the ones we need below. [Popup Closed- Open Popup]

  2. So… I said that the popup amount depends. It does, depends on how large the code. 2-digit code? 2 popups. 3-digit code? 3 popups. For the purpose of this guide I’m doing a 2-digit one.

  3. Make the popups header, the first one like ‘1rst digit:’, second one like ‘2nd digit:’ and so on.

  4. In both popups (or how many YOU have) go to the call to the action label and add any choices in the popup. (Sadly we can only have 2 choices…)

  5. Now wire the popups (the ones for the digits) and whichever code is right 1 or 2 (in my case) wire it to the next popup, whichever category your number falls in. [Primary call to action clicked- Open Popup] or [Secondary call to action clicked- Open popup]

  6. Once you’re done with the popups, make the last one wire to the prop/barrier. [______ clicked- Hide Prop] or [____________ clicked- Deactivate barrier]

And bravo, you’re done! End result below:

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Nice Guide!
You can also have a “next” call-to-action number so you can have more digits but it does take up more memory.
You could also have the code randomized so people can’t just memorize it…


Alr, thanks for the suggestion. I forgot about that :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice guide! This is pretty useful!


Thank you, @Magenta_Dragon ! :blush:

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Nice guide! This could be adapted to make some cool stuff, I’ll definitely use it.

Way better than I expected!

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Thanks, @Riptide ! :slight_smile:

Oh thanks for letting me know!
Off topic below :blush:

Lol i never knew this- :melting_face:

Great guide! This will be useful in my new map!

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Thank you @The_7th_Dragon

password: bump


:warning: Password BUMP Has Been Guessed By @Jobozo1875! :warning:


You can also use this with counters and triggers.


thank you very much for this!!!
(I made it with a 6 digit password and the result:)

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Ofc! I hope you enjoyed! :slight_smile:

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