How to make notification

Yes you could use a trigger. If you step on the trigger it sends it. Or use a zone. When you enter the zone it sends it.

Or a game overlay button. (When you click on it, the button sends it)

Yep that too.

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I think they meant without.

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like when u get the kill u just get it on ur screen

What kill?

Place a Lifecycle and configure the event to Player Knocks Out.
Connect (wire) that to a notification.

(Lifecycle) Player Knocks Out —> (Notification) Send Notification


like in Minecraft if u get stone u get in notification/ achievement

Here you can use this:

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Place a Lifecycle, Repeater, Checker and a Notification.

Configure the Lifecycle to be on Game Start.
Configure the Repeater to run every 1.0 seconds and the stop strategy “When Receiving On Channel” but don’t actually put a channel in it.
Configure the Checker to whatever item you want to be the stone.
Configure the Notification however you want.

Connect the Lifecycle to the Repeater.

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs —> (Repeater) Start Repeater

Connect the Repeater to the Checker.

(Repeater) Repeater Runs Task —> (Checker) Run Check

Connect the Checker to the Notification.

(Checker) Check Passes —> (Notification) Send Notification


Omg i got it working thx u guys helping me

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Cool now please mark a soultion!

Thank you too bob. :relieved:

yall the best w people


Thanks. Now go watch and read some gimkit tutorials and if you need help just ask!


The whole forum is on your side, you have the resources on here to make anything you want.


ok thank you guys sooo much


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