How to make notification

I’m making a map and I want to make notification

Use the notification device.

so what would i put in it

Put whatever you want in it.
Wire a device you want to trigger the notification being sent.

what would I wire to it

like what device because there is a lot of things to wire to it


What device do you want to send the notification when an event occurs?

I need tim…

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what do you mean what device

Device is a device in the devices.

okay, take it like this
what are you making?

a notification for my game

Bro go watch the gimkit tutorial. YOU need that.


for example
if u have a button
hook a wire from the button to the notification device
when the button is pressed
trigger the notification
basically what everyone else is saying

okay uh
what thing do you want to happen to send the notification

I am about to destroy the whole universe right now.
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Guys I got this.

Go press on the plus in the righthand corner. Then click on the devices section.

ok and what do i do now

Go to the devices section and search button. Then click it and put it down.

ok what do i do now im there rn

And then click the + button, go to wire and place a wire onto the button to the notification device like magenta dragon said

(Button) Button Pressed —> (Notification) Send Notification