How to make notification

But the button down. And go back to devices and search notification. Do you got that, bob?

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(takes whereismyhat’s hat and hides somewhere…) bad haiasi!

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got that part i wired it to the button

No wire the button to the notification.

You could use this guide to know all about the notification. Just check the notification tab.

yea i ment button to noification

nope its button wired to the notification not notification wired to the button

okay that should work

ok so when i put the thing I want to do it will work

Now test ingame by pressing the play button.

thank goodness :relieved:

My brain cannot process this humor


Uhh, that’s kinda off-topic though.

Its fine bud dont flag it, hes the tim guy.


Yeah i’m trying to help out


he’s always like that its fine he rarely posts off-topic in here anyways


so I don’t know if it did work or not )":

Test it bud. Its not that hard to wire a button to a notification. Make sure there are words in the notification.

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Click the :arrow_backward: in the bottom-right corner to start the game

So uh basically this:

  1. Get a button and place it
  2. Get a notification device and place it
  3. Wire the Button to the Notification device (Click on the + Button, then select wires, then click the button and then the notification, (Button pressed - Send Notification)).
  4. Go into the Notifications settings (Click on the device) then customize it as whatever you want.
  5. Close out of the Notifications settings, click the button on the bottom right corner, press the button in game, and the notification will be sent.

Note: Other devices can Send a wire pulse to the notification device to make it send a notification.