How to make different places 0/10 or ⬜

I made this guide ( Because what if you need a terrain with prop ideas? :slight_smile: ) ( This MAY be for beginners though if you don’t need these. )
I made this guide to construct the different terrains and what looks good with them.
Here are the different terrains so far, that I could think of:

Farm Lands

Here is the type of things that can be used to make a sort of farm:

Using the props: Corn stalks, Wooden fence, Apple basket, tree, barrel, and scarecrow, you have the perfect farm! First , you add the trees ( Usually around three to four ), Add corn stalks, 4 x 3. add 4 gates, different rotations, like in the image. Add a scarecrow in the front of the cornstalks, ( If it was in real life, I would put it maybe an inch away from the corn.) Add the apple basket and the barrel. ( Make sure that the apples are in front of the scarecrow. )

Alien Lands

Here are the types of things that can be used to make an alien type of land:

Using purple and pink trees, alien plants, bush ( Change the colour tint. ), ground-breaking plants, metal cans, and broken stone column, you get a good alien type of land! First, you start with adding purple trees and pink trees. ( Purple: 5 Pink: 3 ) Add the trees in an orderly fashion, whichever way you desire. Then you add the alien plants, , the ground-breaking plant, and the metal cans. ( Do it in the manner that you desire. ) Then you add the broken colon to the scene, and there you have it!

Beach Land

How to Make a Palm Tree (Difficulty 🟦)
Here are some things that can be used to make a beach-type land:

Add more trees if you want! :slight_smile:
Using the palm tree guide at the top, coral, terrain: Water ( Dark and light ), Sand, and if you want to, you can add anything you want, you have a good beach-like terrain! First, add the terrain. ( Add it as big as you want it. ) Then add the coral along the coastline. Then add your palm trees. Then, add what you desire!

A Fall-like pathway

In this one, you will be creating a fall- like walking path! You need: LOTS OF LEAVES AND LEAF PILES, dry trees, red trees, and the terrain " Cracked oak " YES the new one! Place your terrain as long as you need, and add lots of the trees, around it. Add some leaves, and leaf piles. ( Add a little bit of rocks too. I know I didn’t add it to the list of items needed. ) In the end, it should look similar to this:

Ancient Civilization

It was so big, I had to move it to a new guide!

Guides if you want more detail!

Credit to: @wingwave @WolfTechnology
How to make a good looking Palm Tree in Gimkit Creative (Difficulty 2/10 or 🟦 )
Credit to @Gliddd @WolfTechnology
How to make stuff 3d - #20 by WolfTechnology


Nice guide, @leo_flowers !


Nice guide!


Thank you! But, what ancient civilization should I do?

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nice guide @leo_flowers i have a suggestion for you tho this guide just seen like a showcase so next time or if u can do it right now can you add steps in how to make these? and how much we need for these items


Yeah! Let me go fix that.



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Nice guide! It looks really good, but remember to use things like moss and rocks.

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Ooh! That’s a good idea!

So, if you pick civilization, pick one of the ones listed, or if you pick other, put your idea in the comments:

I know there is a lot, but I learned about these in school. ( Not the Atlantis one though )
  • Mayan civilization
  • Inca civilization
  • Aztec civilization
  • Mesopotamian civilization
  • Atlantis civilization
  • Other…
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There we go! I added the instructions to the ones that are already made, and once my poll reaches 20 votes, ( on the guide ). Then, I can make something next. :slight_smile:

I was thinking of something like that. Underwater would be good…

The thing that I might make might be an ancient civilization. Right now, the Atlantis is winning. :slight_smile:

Just a few more votes are needed to make the civilization! ( I added a fall-like pathway, so that should do it. )

Nice Guide!!
One question though: why are there normal trees on the beach and not palm trees?

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… How do I make a palm tree? …

You can always use an emoji :palm_tree: or use a guide. I know there’s at least one on how to make one.

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Oooh! Nice idea! Imma go fix that…

Fixed it! Ignore this… this is only here for the 20 character limit.

Why in the world is my palm tree guide in there. It’s probably the worst one out there (because there’s 2). Try using this one: