How to make automatic door (EASY)

what’ll need
1 prop of your choice (I’ll use the barrier prop for the example)
1 zone
1 identical prop of your choice (optional)

Too do this you will first need to place a zone down (works better if its an enclosed area).

After that you can place the prop of your choice in the middle of the zone and set the settings
of the zone and prop like you see below

If you did this right you should be able to walk into the prop and it will disappear as if it is an automatic door.

If you want to make it so the door is only available after a certain point you can put an identical prop onto of the original prop, so that when the original prop disappears the identical prop blocks the player from going through, and seeing the original prop. Than you make the identical prop darker so that the player knows if it is available.

If you don’t want to make the prop darker you could also make it so the zone only activates after a certain event.


Nice guide! I like the use of images, and instructions for customization!

Remember to capitalize your sentances though…


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Nice job, @Rusty! You might want to credit this guide, I made it a while ago (June 9).

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It’s not that deep. No one cares. /j

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A barrier isn’t a prop… but good guide overall!

There are some props that are barriers… and then there’s the barrier device sooo

Forgot about that, my bad! :sweat_smile:

Oh thank you for reminding me> :slight_smile:
(“sentances” is spelled sentences)

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how do I show it in my post?

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Just click on the link to my post, copy the URL, and paste it into your guide somewhere.


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hesitation be like… simple guide, and great!


Whew! Gee I didn’t know if people were going to get mad at me for bumping a guide from… 7 months ago.
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longer the better! We need more retro guides.

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But I found this one most appealing.

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