How to make an BMD 2 Tank

This is a BMD 2 tank


And now we’re going to make it gimkit!

(Please note these are my thoughts only)

Table of Contents

Step 1 - The drivetrain

Step 2 - The turret + Armor

Step 3 - The other things

Step 1 - The drivetrain

  1. Make the drivetrain like so

  1. Add the wheels (use shields or barriers)

Shields (I prefer to use shields) -

Barriers -

  1. Add the tread (use metal poles and tint them black)

Step 2 - The turret + Armor

  1. Add this extra layer (Part 1 of the armor)
  2. Then add a gray tinted metal poles like so (Part 2 of the armor)

  1. Then make the turret

Step 3 - The other things

  1. Make the missile launcher
  2. Make the barrel
  3. Make the antenna

Congratulations you finished making the BMD 2 (the final product should look like this)

Happy Gimkitting!



Put art to good guide.

Might wanna give these guides credit…

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Oh, wait maybe I should add “My thoughts only” - Thanks for reminding me @THEHACKER120 !


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@CringeKarlScott - How do you make a toc?
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Nice guide! @FusionLord How did you do the Table of Contents?



Hey, I’m making the most out of it.


Can you make it a bit more detailed on how to make it?

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WOW! thats the greatest tank I have ever seen in gimkit