How to make a basic tank in GKC [ ◻ ~ 0/10]

  1. Use 4 circular shields and color them green to make the wheels
    Screenshot 2024-03-23 11.34.15 AM

  2. Place 3 barriers to form the base of the tank
    Screenshot 2024-03-23 11.37.51 AM

  3. Add a empty fruit box at the end of the tank as an ammo box
    Screenshot 2024-03-23 11.39.13 AM

  4. Add a cutting board for a hatch and a shovel for antenna
    Screenshot 2024-03-23 11.40.44 AM

  5. Use an anvil for the base of the turret
    Screenshot 2024-03-23 11.42.24 AM

  6. Add a roller to extend the cannon
    Screenshot 2024-03-23 11.49.33 AM

  7. Finish the tank by add a spoon on the tip of the turret
    Screenshot 2024-03-23 11.50.51 AM

That’ss all, I hope you liked this tutorial!

We have a ton of tank guides already, so you might wanna just ask them to add them to that guide.

This is the 5th tank guide, and out of all the military guides only one isn’t a tank, which is kinda funny.


actually the 6th tank guide

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