How To Make a working Security Camera System (with the newly added Camera Point device) [🟨]

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With the newly added Camera Point device, we can revamp our system of security cameras without using any teleporters! This system is quite useful for maps such as Among Us.

First, create a security cameras room. This will be where the player checks cameras.
Then, place a Camera Point device in each room you want. In my map, I have four rooms set up. Set Activate point when receiving on on each camera point device to something like “camRoom1”, “camRoom4”, etc. You can change the channel names so it’s suitable for your map.

Go back to your security cameras room, and place a non-visible button in the room. Wire this button to a game overlay with the overlay type as “Button”, overlay text as “Next”.
Now, place down a counter with the starting value as one, Count Scope as player, and a property named “cam” (short for camera) with the Property Scope also as player. The counter needs to be set so it updates the property. Wire the game overlay to the counter (Increment counter).

Place down a trigger, with Active Scope “player” and Trigger by Player Collision to “No”.
Wire the game overlay to the trigger.
In the trigger’s blocks, follow this code:

We now have the code to switch the cameras accordingly in order, but not back. Copy that game overlay, with the overlay text to “Back”. Wire that game overlay to the counter (Decrement counter), and wire it to the trigger. You should be able to go back and forth between cameras now.
After that, copy another game overlay, with the overlay text to “Exit Cameras”, When button clicked, transmit on “camBack”. Make sure the overlay position is different from the previous one. Wire the non-visible button to that game overlay.
Click on the previous game overlay and also set When button clicked, transmit on “camBack”.
You should have this by now:

Then, go back to each camera point device, and set Deactivate point when receiving on to also “camBack”.
Test the game. Now, you should have a working camera system that can be easily customized and used in maps!


great guide! I was thinking about his when the device game out… just couldn’t get myself to make it…

btw how did you upload the video?


Nice guide!
You should probably mention that camera views affect the camera point device, so the camera point can only point inside the area of the camera view.

edit: Nvm, I checked the raw link. It’s a link to a video creating site, I think it just oneboxed the video.

Does that work? I tried it earlier, it didn’t affect the camera viewpoint.
(thanks for explaining the video embed by the way)

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Oh, never mind it didn’t work. It was probably a misunderstanding in my map. I wish they’d add a feature to make the Camera Point a zone-type device so we’d be able to change the size of the camera.

Nice job utilizing the new devices! I might use this.

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it dosnt work at all at me

What are your having problems with in the system? Can you send a screenshot of your setup? @Axo27635

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ok I’ll send it friend

Screenshot 2024-05-16 10.35.04 AM

and all my camera points go from camRoom1 to camRoom12

Have you made it so one game overlay increments the counter, and one decrements the counter?

no I reset the whole thing cause it didn’t work one bit

only next works tho…

bro, there can now be a fully working FNAF right?

In my setup, you wire the Next game overlay to the counter as Increment counter, and you wire the Back game overlay to the counter as Decrement counter. Make sure the overlay position are different on each game overlay.

and what are the wire settings for the overlays

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You’re not allowed to share codes on here. You can do that on Discord or the Wix.
Delete that post.