So new update (yay) and I need to know if its possible to make a FNAF camera system with the camera point device

ive tried making them with multiple but I cant get it working so yeah I need smarter people than me to do this…

Just use a bunch of popups that attach to each other and each popup attaches to an individual cam.

what’s is a pop-up???

What the Pop-Up Device is

oh ok that I know what that is I just didn’t know what you where talking about, but how to I do the setup?

I have a different idea, make 15 buttons with 15 texts above them showing which number they are, wire the button button pressed-activate camera point

the camera device doesn’t work like that. you have to be in that zone.

here this can help.

what zone? I dont see a zone

it doesn’t work I litterally did everything it says

if your in a camera view device it doesnt work

sorry about that, i didn’t see the update post, so i thought you were talking about the camera view device.

I KNOW THAT…:neutral_face: I just need someone to just explain it in every singular detail