How To Make a working Security Camera System (with the newly added Camera Point device) [🟨]

but do I do show overlay or hide overlay?

What part are you on?

the first overlay part,

Show overlay.

now we just need screen filters, for like static or somethin and we’d be golden

Now all we need is a better pop up and maybe a voting system XD

ok and what about the second and third overlay?

it doesn’t work can you just explain everything please

Interesting design, great use of the new device!

what do you mean? IT DOESNT EVN WANNA WORK FOR ME?

Try creating a new help topic. More people can help you then.

you could’ve said invisible :skull:

also the video is invaild :sob:

I did :neutral_face: what do you mean can’t you just explain it to me???

The video works fine for me, not sure about your end though.

Button that is wired to game overlays that are used to navigate between cameras, with the work of a counter, a property and block code from a trigger.

cant you just j0in my game to check it?
it would probably be more helpful

@EggNoodle , this is EXACTLY what I needed. I was confused about how to use this device and here it is. Thank you, this is a great guide.

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just explain to me every single thing

ok yeah I cant send videos. here’s just a SS of wjhat I have
Screenshot 2024-05-21 4.39.00 PM
@EggNoodle don’t wanna bother you but this kinda just rots in my game until I finish so could you reveiw this .help soon please