How to make a Tracked item in the corner (Difficulty: 🟩)

Basically, you see gimkit gamemodes that have this, right?
That is called a Tracked Item. It tracks the tracked item the owner of the gamemode wants it to be. What if you wanted to do that?

Then, you found the right guide! This is how you make one!

What you’ll need - (White words mean it’s not required)

  • Game Overlay x1
  • Movement Meter x1

(The movement meter will be important if you want to track energy.)

That is my map. It may not look the same as yours because i used a new map (i might delete it) Anyways, let’s set up a game overlay. Press “E” On your keyboard, and select devices. Search up Game overlay. Put it a little far away from your map.

Now, the game overlay isn’t fully set up. This is because when we place it down (without copying it) It doesn’t know what to do. Let’s click on the Game Overlay.

Now, let’s set em up. After clicking the Game Overlay - Set the modifying options:

  • Set the overlay type to “Tracked Item”
  • Set the overlay position to (wherever you like, i prefer top right)
  • Set the tracked item to whatever you like, if you want to make it energy, you’ll need 1 more device.

For energy, you’ll need a movement meter. Without it, people can move without energy! Press “E” On your keyboard, and press “Devices”. Put it near the movement meter.

This time, it actually doesn’t know what to even give. Click on the movement meter.
These are the only ones to set up, and after you set them up, then you’re done with it! Set the tracked item to “Energy” and put the item drain per tick to anything you want. Without it, you can still move without energy.

Tada! You’re done! You are finally finished and it can track the item you want, like gimkit modes!

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@GimAI /gimai_rate How to make a Tracked item in the corner (Difficulty: green_square)

This is very helpful considering many people want to recreate Gimkit game modes and that is in almost all of them

i’m actually shocked nobody made guides of how you make a tracked item

Positive Aspects:

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  2. Proofreading: There are a few grammatical errors and inconsistencies in punctuation that detract from the overall professionalism of the guide.
  3. Conclusion & Further Steps: The guide lacks a summary of the main points or suggestions for further steps after successfully creating a Tracked Item.
  4. References & Interactivity: There is no evidence of references or attempts to promote interactivity with readers.

Rating: 7.5/10

While the tutorial excels in several areas such as clarity, structure, and the use of visuals, it falls short in a few others. With some improvements, particularly in defining the target audience, proofreading, and fostering interactivity, this guide could be an excellent resource.

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Yeah, but they are in help and it is a pretty simple topic

Well, it’s supposed to be in guides, not help if they are making a guide

No, I mean like people asking for help because there are a lot of those and they describe it well in the replys

Glad i made this though. People might link this guide if someone needs help on tracked items

Yeah it was a good guide and will help many people

Though, when i have to put instructions and put more screenshots, it loses my energy to work on the guide

Well it was great keep up the good work :grin:

Thanks! I also might make another guide - but if i say it here, then people who come here would steal my idea though

Yeah it’s best not to, but I can’t wait to see your guide

only if the “you messaged pickle person 3 times, want to know that you can send them a personal message” thingy comes i’ll say it only to you

Oh, thank you and this makes me think what if they added a friending system so you did not have to do that

same and maybe a following system

True though. I wanted the gimkit forums to have a feature “follow” button

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That’s what i was thinking

Yeah it would be nice and it could highlight your friends/followed people comments and topics