How do I make the notification device to be how much of something you have?

like the energy in tag domination

Try this

That’s not a notification, that’s a Game Overlay. Use this guide (the movement meter isn’t necessary).

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@Badkarma, do you need a way to track energy or a notification when the energy runs out?

See I was having the same question.


no, its just for like, how much you have of it

Use this then.

Oh yeah, they look at the reply that I posted above:

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alr I’ll try em all

also, can you put a map you created on one account be added to another account?

No, you can’t do that unfortunately.

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oh, ok

anyways I think I did it

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Nice! Also, your code is leaking, so make sure to close that tab so no one joins.

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shoot, ok

yeah, next time cross out the code before you post the screen shot.

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