How To Make A Quest/Exploration Game

An exploration/quest game is a type of video game where the player is encouraged to explore and interact with a virtual world. These games typically have quests or things to fight, and there aren’t really set levels. The map is usually very large, with little easter eggs and lots of nooks and crannies. Let’s start!

The Theme

The theme is the starting spot of any map. It could be medieval, modern, futuristic, homey, or anything else! I used a mix of two maps in this guide, so the theme will vary in each section.

The Map

The map needs to be big enough for the player to explore without it getting boring or monotonous over time. However, it shouldn’t be so big that the game goes on for three hours.

Planning it out

I usually block out the rooms I’m going to have with teleportals so that I can just move the teleportals to the room once I’m finished. Here’s a picture from a moonbase that me and @VoidFluffy are making:

(the missing teleportals on the outside are places we have already started on)
As you can see, I have all our rooms set up throughout the map using teleportals.

The actual rooms/realms

For the rooms, make sure there are lots of nooks and crannies to add quests and lore. Here’s the water realm from a different map I’m working on:

(Please ignore the mess of wires)
(And also ignore the lack of space, I’m still working on it)
As you can see, I added small little parts to add little pieces of lore.

The Quests

Quests can be fighting sentries, finding treasure, or really any other thing. Some quests are super short, while others take time. Use this guide to make up quests:
Quest Ideas :interrobang: (Wiki)

Here are some other, more broad ideas:

Fighting Quest

This quest is one where you fight sentries, either to gain access to an area or to get a certain item

How to Make It
  1. Add a teleporter somewhere in your map. It can be in a cave, in the open, etc.
  2. Make that teleporter go to a room/realm.
  3. Fill the room with a couple of sentries.
  4. Add item spawners to spawn weapons.
  5. If you want to allow the player to talk to a sentry, use the retrieving quest guide or the delivering quest.
Retrieving Quest

Use this guide for the retrieving quest:
Basic Quest
Guide (difficulty ?)
(made by @VoidFluffy )

Delivering Quest

You talk to someone who asks you to deliver several items from point A to point B. You get a map or directions, and you may have to fight sentries, travel to other worlds, or anything else.

How to Make It

(this has been changed so that beginner gimkitters can do it, too)

  1. Place down a sentry (or any prop), a popup, and a button.
  2. set the popup to something like this:
  3. Wire the button to the popup and change the button’s name to something like “Talk to Entity”.
  4. Wire the popup to a teleportal so that when primary call to action clicked > player teleported here
  5. Then, make a map with terrain and props. Here’s the one I made:
    Make sure there is a starting point and ending point.
  6. To make the path/road, use terrain. Make sure to add obstacles, like sentries and mini-quests.
The Lore

I recommend doing the lore first. Try to write as much as you can. Start with who the character will be playing as, then the background characters. Figure out where you are, in this world, in space, etc.
Use this guide for a more in-depth guide to lore:
A guide to creating good lore
Here’s the lore me and my friends made:
The Twisted World - Google Docs

Misc. Stuff

If anyone recommends something, I’ll put it here.

The End

To end the game, the player can be knocked out, the player can gather all the materials they need, or anything else, but there always needs to be an end. (Obviously)
Ideas for end game:
Someone buys a ticket to __
You reach the end of a maze
You die
You get a certain amount of something
You finish a quest

And that’s it! This took forEVER. I’m gonna go curl up in a ball and sleep for about 15 hours. I hope you like this guide!
Anyone have recommendations for a better name other than Exploration/Quest, and tags?



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Second guide is right here:

Other guides not as broad, focused on the actual quests

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