How to make a lightable fire! 🟩 or 3/10

I think we have all seen this
(credit: @Chong )
Screen Shot 2023-12-02 at 9.01.56 AM
It is a nice fire…BUT, it doesn’t have a cool function, so today I’ll teach you guys how to do it!
I know that some geniuses like @ThatGim have already figured it out, but I’ll still make a guide so people who want this in their maps can do this.

  1. Make a text and prop fire. (make sure the text is not visible on game start)
  2. Then make a vending machine and fill in the required item you want the players to use to light the fire. (I used cash) Also set the vending machine to deactivate on purchase.
  3. Connect the text to the vending machine (item purchased – Show text)
    Screen Shot 2023-12-02 at 12.15.50 PM

Now you are done… BUT if you are cool, you can make the fire go out after a certain amount of time!

  1. You’ll need a repeater, a counter, and a wire repeater.
  2. Set your counter’s starting value to 20( or how long you want you fire to last) and set the target value to 0

  1. Then get a wire repeater and connect it to the counter like so

  1. Then you set the repeater ( not wire repeater) like the images below.

the 20 is just the amount I used because my fire goes out every 20 seconds.

  1. Connect the repeater and the counter
    (repeater runs task – decrement counter)

  2. then connect this setup we made with the fire and vending machine
    Counter and fire text (target value hit – Hide text)
    Counter and vending machine (target value hit – activate machine)
    Vending Machine and repeater (item purchased – start repeater)

It now should look something like this

If you finished this you are officially cool! but if you want to be Super cool you can add something else to it! HEALTH GRANTER

  1. You’ll need a zone, and repeater, and a health granted.

    (now that you are at this level you need to use channels. you can name the channels anything but
    these are the names I chose)

  2. Use theses settings for the Zone

  3. Then you use a repeater and use these settings.

  4. Finally you get the health granter, and set it like this

Now you are officially SUPER COOL

(you are already if you play gimkit though)

There was a mistake, but I fixed it, so it should be fine now.


Nice guide! Now I can actually make a Camping Gimkit


NICE, that is actually a good idea


I know right. I actually know a couple things I’m going to use for it.
To make it dark or light


Nice guide, @chrysostom!


Nice Guide @chrysostom!
You could also add a part where it deactivates a big dark barrier for a lighting effect.


Nice guide, maybe you could make a lighter, or this could be a game because you have to find the right amount of wood in the woods to bring back and light the fire.


Nice guide!

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Honestly this would go great with my idea on making a tycoon survival game where you are in cold weather and have to keep fire going or you will go into frostbite and get slower and slower till you freeze and have to be saved by teammates…and you build and but outfits to stay warmer…but honestly im too busy to make a guide on all that.


You can also use this to make the fire give out light.

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Cool! You could also add a laser greater than the health granter inside the fire so you take damage


How do you make that link thing?

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Use the chain thing in the top of your post screen, and type what you want the link to say in the “optional title” thing.

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Nice guide! (I ran out of likes)

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There is a WWWAAAYYY easier and shorter way to do it.

I was guessing that there would be an easier way, but I couldn’t think of one

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all you got to do is place the logs and add the fire/text on top. Then click on the text and say NO to active on game start. After that place a button, make it so that it is not visible in game and then wire the button to the fire/text and make it so the fire/text is activated when the button is pressed.

Cool Guide! I especially like the regen part.

Wait a sec I made this

Didnt you check and see if anyone else made one
How to make a functional Campfire | 2/10

yes I did, I made my guide first… mine was on December 2nd, and yours was 20 days ago, so I am guessing the 8th or 9th