How to make a SIMPLE fire

This reply truly wasn’t necessary.

what wasn’t necessary.

very nice and simple
because you used an emoji

This was already made 2 months ago. The only difference is that that guide had a plate underneath.

I already made that tho…

I made a simpler version and I didn’t even read yours.

You literally commented on mine, how did you not read mine!

Please don’t yell. Sometimes people don’t read it and jump straight to the comments.

We are online… READING… how can you hear me yell… interesting… we are getting off-topic tho…

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Ending a sentence with “!” can showing being loud or yelling. But yes lets get back on-topic.

good point, I am sorry for yelling, but anywho I made a guide on this he told me how my way was too complicated, and now he is saying that he didn’t read my guide…

Well they shouldn’t have made a statement about something when they didn’t read it. But don’t let that bother you. This is the internet after all. Just let it flow over you as if it was water and you are a rock.

yeah, thanks, I try not to think to much about it

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Lets just get back on-topic now.

Nice guide, I like nice and simple guides like these.

I looked at it and it was complicated.

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Already made. Twice.

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Nice Guide! This is pretty simple…You should probably put the button more under the campfire so that people can’t light the fire from like a billion miles away…

@ecraig5871 , You can j0in the WoW

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Ok thanks for the advice

Thank you for letting me be in the WOW

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Ok I give up I’m sorry for not reading your guide and then commenting.But I made a simple version

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