How to make a SIMPLE fire

first build a fire that looks like this it’s two wood logs and one fire emoji
Screenshot 2023-12-28 09.26.05

then place a button that isn’t visible in game. the message is optional. Make it so the fire/text is not active on game start. Wire the button to the fire/text.

and if you’re wondering why the background is sand it’s because it is in my California XP rush.

Everett out PEACE✌


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Nice guide! I would add stone barriers around it to make a fireplace.


Could @ecraig5871 or a TL3 please add the art tag and/or mini-guide to this post?

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I was going for a campfire for a survival game and when your around the lit fire it heals you.

this isn’t art @Theaxolotl .

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Then why did you add the art tag?

I did not add the art tag.

Okay, what’s going on here?
I’m a bit confused.

there isn’t any tags at all.

There wa-
I’m not gonna argue, I really don’t care that much to put up a fight.

I Did Not Add Any Tags And It Doesn’t Say I Did On My Laptop!!!

This reply truly wasn’t necessary.

what wasn’t necessary.

very nice and simple
because you used an emoji

This was already made 2 months ago. The only difference is that that guide had a plate underneath.

I already made that tho…

I made a simpler version and I didn’t even read yours.

You literally commented on mine, how did you not read mine!

Please don’t yell. Sometimes people don’t read it and jump straight to the comments.