How to make a functional Campfire | 2/10

First you need
3 fire emojis, 1 vending machine, Repeater, 3 triggers, laser, and however many blackboard legs you want

Now you shrink your blackboard legs slightly with change size option and use green dot to turn it
It should look like this
Screenshot 2023-12-08 4.13.58 PM
Next you get the flames and highlight all of the sticks and flames
Screenshot 2023-12-08 4.15.06 PM
now go to layers and put the text above all blackboard legs.

Now watch the video due to how many wires there are

Untitled- Dec 8, 2023 4-34 PM

Now once you have watched the video get your laser and get rid of starting point and end point and turn laser black which makes it invisible. Place around your fire so if someone gets too close they get hurt.

I recommend the item you want the vending machine to need is black seed acting as coal.


Add a zone and connect it to health granter and now the fire heals

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you know why you don’t use videos? if you used your account(s), since it’s highly unlikely we live in the same state let alone the same school district and I try to access it, it’s not going to let me. and obviously, you’ve used your school account so only people in the same school district as you can view your video


DARNIT I really dont want to take 2 hours to explain the wires

I hoped not to hear that

I cant say darnit? huh?

no I cant quite explain the wires step by step

well i spent five hours trying to explain the wiring in my farming system alone so you’re fine

this was supposed to be a good guide :frowning_face:

Heres the reason look at that I am not a guy that could explain such an annoying amount of wires that is an really specific way

hmmm, if you tell me what the wires do then maybe i can explain it tommorrow

I think it’s animation that start when you purchase from a vending machine from by understanding.

yes that is the case here

use this for your videos! video to gif converter

yes!!! that was what i was going to do I REMEMBER NOW

This looks cool, but there are other guides on this(not with animations) may want to credit them…

I forgot who made the original campfire design but you may want to credit them


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ok, yeah, I knew it was you but I just said that just in case I was wrong

(im not lying)


nvm gosh donut GOSH DONUT

Cool guide

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