How to make a Lightning Bolt Strike | Difficulty 1/10

Saw @chrysostom’s guide on How to make a lightable fire! :green_square: or 3/10, and suddenly got this idea! This could also be used in a Camping Game!

Now, get a text device, and copy this emoji into it: :zap:
You can use this website:
Resize it so it is about as big as this:
I overlayed a bunch of the lightning emojis, and you can do! I don’t mind.

Make sure to make your ‘lightning bolt’ not visible on game start. Make it show when receiving on Strike and hide when receiving on Disappear. Now, have a trigger with a delay of 0.5:

Wire this Trigger to another Trigger:

Now, if you have a certain event happening, like a Storm, wire the thing that triggers the event to Trigger Number 1, to start the Lightning. If you want it to be an endless loop, just wire Trigger 2 to Trigger 1, triggering it. If you want to stop it when you do that, just deactivate the first Trigger when you are ‘done’ with the storm! Of course, then, you would have to re-activate the first Trigger when you start the storm! You can also make it much faster if you want.

Have fun!


Nice guide! This is really useful for survival/survival island games!


Nice guide! I’mma use this for special effects!


How big is that?


It is the max text size, 144.


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Ooooo nice guide!

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Nice job blizzy!

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nice, now I can have the lightning light the campfire, (just use a wire repeater between the steps for 0.5 or 1 second intervals)

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Yeah, I guess that would work

:zap: Electric bump! :zap:

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