How to make lights (Difficulty 3/10 or 🟩 )

hi guys welcome back to my channel, today I’m going to be showing you how to make lights in gimkit creative! (warning: very basic. fell free to customize to your needs)

part1: the darkness

to start you will need to place a barrier:

then you will need to edit it like so(set the color to 0,0,0):

then make it bigger by pressing this button: image and change its size to be SUPER BIG:

now you can move onto the next part! :open_mouth:

part2: the light

copy the big barrier and do the following things(change the color to the desired light color then make it darker):

then change its size to the desired light size:

now copy it and do the following changes…again(the color needs to be made brighter):

now make it smaller:

now do the same process…again :frowning: (make the color even brighter):

then make it smaller…I promise this is the end of the repeating:

nice now we can go onto the final part…sigh

part3: the finishing touch(its one step :O!!!)

now to the layers via this button: image and sort the barriers to the top (put the small one at the top, middle one in the upper middle, the bottom one on the lower middle and the darkness at the bottom of the above category):

now you have finished your light!

here is the finished product:
fell free to edit this light once you have finished your light!
(idk what to rate this and you guys are better with tags so ill =let u guy do it? ill put a poll anyways)
what do you think this is rated?

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i wont be on until tomorrow so bye?


Coca-colastic guide! I love the shading of the lights.

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Maybe if you put the yellow barriers on different levels it could be more realistic

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thanks for making this i can use it on my horror map now :+1:


noice, pretty good!

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One suggestion: wouldn’t it look better if the light barriers were under the player? Just personal preference.

I don’t think it would work if the light barriers weren’t on top of the dark one.

No, what if the dark was at the bottom, light on top of that, and then the player.

then you would see the player

lights look better if the atmosphere covers the player

Oh, ok, I get it now. My bad, my brain has not wanted to work the last couple days.

very understandable

I see a light and bump right into it!


This looks really good!

“welcome back to my channel” XDDDDD