How to Make a Guide

I have seen many, many guides that are wip’s or are not helpful or informational. So to break it down I am making this guide so that users, expestialy new users know how to make a guide. First things first, there are many types of guides;

  • New user guides
  • PSA’s
  • Map creation guides
  • Coding/devices guides
  • Prop making guides
  • Forum Guide

And many more. And a there are two main forms of guides, Mini Guides and Normal Guides, thiswill depend on the size of the guide. Also, a good guide must include;

  • Images
  • Screen Shots
  • Videos
  • Useful Information
  • And a well thought topic

Most guides include at least 3 of these factors, but some do not. If you are planning on making a guide for others to see and use, make sure it has the factors above. This is so we can prevent cluster and confusion on the Forum. And before you make a guide and want to know what you must/might want to include, remember to search up How to make a guide for easy information on what to include on your next guide. If you believe that i missed something in this guide, please let me know.

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Nice guide!

Note that beginner-must-read means for people who are new at gimkit creative. new-user-must-read means for people who are new to the forum.

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Add the forum guide bullet point section


This is an immensely helpful guide! I would also suggest reminding people to quickly look up if there’s any other guides on the same thing just in case someone already did it. You could also tell them that if someone already made the same guide, they could add more details or use a different method and that would be fine.


yeah, i mean that for pretty much both.


Nice job, @WolfTechnology! I changed it to a FA (forum announcement) because this isn’t really a PSA.

This is good! You put cluster instead of clutter in the last paragraph, though.


Nice guide! Also, you can’t actually embed videos to your guides, but you can use gifs instead.

No you can do videos, i have seen it before so it is some how possable.

Can you post a screenshot?

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yeah you can, that falls under the photos, but i will edit it.

@WolfTechnology I need your help Dude

ok, how can help you?

Er- Nothing, really. Nevermind.


I thought about making this once, and didn’t. Your’s is probably better then mine would have been though!

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I haven’t started yet you want to help @Apoll02 ??

With what?

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Not on this site then.

It has so many details.