🛠 Gimkit Creative Tutorial Introduction

On a side topic, why is this tagged as a ‘beginner-must-read’?

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Because this is the Introduction to a series of Creative tutorials I’m creating.

That’s why I tagged it as informational. The beginner-must-read tag is reserved for posts that new forum users have to read in order to understand how the forums themselves work (hence the name), and this post only explains how to read posts that you make. It’s not a must-read for new users, and I would prefer to use that tag as sparingly as possible so that new users don’t get overwhelmed by dozens of barely-related posts :]

It’s up to you, I guess, but personally I don’t think this post does much to achieve the purpose that beginner-must-read was intended for.


@Anythinger Why did you change to tags on my guide?

Because beginner-must-read is for crucial starter guides and informational is opinionated. (See discussion with Kyro)

This guide doesn’t really do anything, because you could say at the start of each of your guides about your preferred editing options and rating system. That’s why I removed the tags because people searching for guides with specific tags might have a harder time.

@Blackhole927, why is the yellow after the orange? That does not make sense to me.

Nowadays, easy guides use some devices, medium guides use some devices and some new concepts, perhaps some blocks, hard guides require understanding of basically every device, and a few concepts, and can use a lot of blocks, hard guides are mainly block-code focused, insane guides are abstract or limit-pushing, and extreme guides shouldn’t exist even though a black difficulty square is pretty cool.

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I have no idea lol

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Can someone with TL3 tag this with beginner-must-read? My 30 days to edit this is over.



I switched it to new-user-must-read.

@LxmasHaxTakis said beginner-must-read was for gimkit and new-user-must-read was for forum.

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That’s right! I could change it but I don’t want to seem rude.

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Well, I can’t so someone will have to. :grin:

I did it.

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