How to Make a Guide

I love this guide so much!

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how do i do that @Apoll02


OK There @Apoll02 I did

what are you guys working on i heard something about a map?

this is off-topic but i am goingto help him build a star wars map

oh may i please help?

@WolfTechnology ? it okay if you guys don’t want me to help i just wondering if there anything i could help with.

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yes you can but we are on the wix doing the tournament, now lets stop off topic chatting.

@WolfTechnology (i know u said let stop off topicing) but the school blocked wix. i can only recivive code through the doc (in my profile website) unless you have somebody in the map with you and is able to get on the doc and post the code.

also what do you mean by touranment?

i’ll give you it @margimkitcreator

alright not here tho we don’t wanna get banned.

(post deleted by author)

@BRUH8 you there? you know i can’t go on the wixsite so the doc the only way

What does FA mean?

It’s something that we can use instead of PSA, because that stands for Public Service Announcement.

Wait wait how did @Apoll02 get banned?

We don’t know.
This has already been speculated on. But with both him and Lxmas gone, we are watching our steps.

I think someone might have spam flagged him?

I think that the flagger’s identity isn’t anonymous to the mods. This means that a spam flagger would be caught.