How to Make a Guide

But like, if they had a reason like too much off-topic posting

yeah and i think im a target, i have got a lot of random and not off-topic flags called off-topic.

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woah, a guide for how to make a guide? interesting…


lol, it should help new users.

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Does this really have to be a Forum Announcement and a mini guide?

well its a small guide, like really small, and yes it needs to be a forum announcemnt because people were making usless or no point guides.

ALL those art guides

Oh yeah, nice job! Really good!

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i don’t think you the only one that getting targetted i getting targetted too

Thats not good, i messaged jeffo but he ignored the delete the badge topic.

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that double not good @WolfTechnology something defienetly up and i don’t like it one bit i getting uneasy feelings about the forum it like one wrong move and u be hit with like a millions of flags or get suspended. and even if you don’t do anything wrong you still get hit with like millions of flags and get suspended.

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yeah , i think i need to email josh, not jeffo, josh might under stand a bit more, he seems to be more interative with his community.

@WolfTechnology hopefully he does because if he doesn’t then we or everyone on this forum could be in danger in this forum and can get easily flagged.

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I got flagged 4 times in a 15 minute period yesterday. Why?

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you probally getting targetted too if you didn’t do anything bad and didn’t off topic.

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Okay, so the things flagged were slightly off topic. The really odd thing I’m putting on the wix…

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Time to make a guide about how to bump… it’s called posting this reply.

Or it could be new users trying to get the first flag badge

That badge is a bit of a problem.

It should probably be removed because of the amount of innocent posts that are flagged for no reason.