How to make a bounty system (updated version)

How this works is you have to step on the first trigger to get the bounty, then knockout a player, then go back to step on the second trigger to get the reward. Here’s how to make it:

What you need

Item granter x1
Trigger x2
Knockout manager x1
Game overlay x1
Relay x1

The reason you need an item granter is because for some reason, it doesn’t work directly with the knockout manager.

Step 1

Set the first trigger to:

Step 2

Next, set the knockout manager to:
Step 2 part 1
Step 2 part 2

Step 3

Next, put whatever you want the player to get with the amount you want them to get in the item granter. Then, attach the first trigger to the item granter. It should say: Triggered–Grant item. After that, attach the knockout manager to the same trigger like this: Target knocked out-- Activate

Step 4

Next, set the Game overlay to:

Step 4 part 2
Step 4 part 3

Step 5

Next, set the relay to:

Step 6

Lastly, set the second trigger to:
Step 6

After that, you’re all finished! Btw you can change the name to all the channels, just make sure they are the same on all the devices and make sure everything still works.

People who helped me make this

I can’t take all the credit, even though I came up with most of it. Here are the people who helped me figure out some of the mechanics:
I appreciated all the help and I hope that this guide was helpful. If you have a better way of making a bounty hunter system, then please mention, as I am always open to suggestions.

If you used my guide, please rate on how hard it was. I tried to make this guide as easy as possible, so I hope it was.

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Using a relay (random player) should work.

I tried that. I need the hunter to know who they’re hunting.

I was thinking of using a trigger and an overlay. Would that work?

Thank you for helping me fiure it out @The_7th_Dragon

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How to make a working Bounty system | Difficulty 2/10 {Updated}{Second Attempt}

The tracking may be faulty but the notification works for it tells you who your hunting

Uhh… What’s going on here? :smiley:

? Well you asking that is random because its the title that tells you

Ooh I totally DIDN’T see that. I was asking what are u guys talking about.

Oh no not that place its way off topic now and I dont care about my tracking much

Bumpity! bump! bump! I edited the guide a bunch to make it more organized and made sure it made more sense, that way people can understand it. I hope it is a lot easier to understand now.

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Btw if somebody wants to test this again, that would be helpful. I lost the device when I decided to take it out of the game it was in, so I need to know if it still work. I changed some things about the guide so people can read it better, but I might’ve accidently changed some important stuff. Please tell me if it works. Could you please help me @GimSolver?

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Wait, what? Why me?


You’ve helped me before, so I just tagged you. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. If you don’t, do you know anyone else that would do it? I don’t have the time. I’m trying to do two things at once.

Wait, I followed the instructions but I don’t understand how to make it all happen.

So you basically make the knockout manager target sentry’s so you can test it, and once you knockout a sentry, go to the trigger that will grant the item. Did that help @GimSolver?

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It only works when I step on the trigger. I think you forgot some wires.

Hmm. What do you mean? When you knockout the sentry and step on the trigger it grants it? or when you step on the trigger at any time it will grant it? I need a better explanation please @GimSolver

well, nothing happens when i kill a sentry except activate a trigger that I step on to get my reward.
(sorry, but I gotta work on something else)

My bad, I explained it wrong. I’m sorry. I don’t know if you did this, but you basically step on the first trigger first so it gives you the bounty, then you knockout the sentry, then you step on the second trigger and collect your bounty. If you didn’t try that, then please try again. If you did do that, than I need to do some more coding…