How To Let Players Place Props/Zones?

Can someone tell me how to let players place down walls (for protecting bed in bedwars) and can someone tell me how to let players place down zones (so that when other players walk into the zone they explode, like a mine) I know how to make players die when they enter a zone and how to set up the rest of bedwars, but I need to let players place down items. Can someone please help?

I’m pretty sure you can’t change the map after the game starts

Oh, ok.
Thanks for letting me know.

That’s impossible right now. You cannot make it so you can place props, it’s possible if you are in editing mode.

Ok, I just wanted to let players place their own terrain.
I’ll figure something else out.

In theory, you could place a zone by placing a button hooked up to an inactive zone.

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Don’t tell people things are impossible and don’t write it In Bold

You could have a button that it wired to a inactive barrier prop and wire it (when button pressed-activate prop) you could run it through a vending machine

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for now, you can make the illusion of placing props/zones by pre-placing props and zones, turning them to “inactive on start”, and add buttons/vending machines that will activate the zones


it’s so i don’t get banned again

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