How to make an Interactive Barrier (Difficulty: 🟩)

Here’s how to make a simple Barrier that can interact to events in-game!

Step 1: Add a Barrier

Go to the Plus icon and select Devices. Add a Barrier. Change the size to whatever you’d like!

Step 2: Setup the Channels

Click on your new Barrier. Select the “All Options” tab in its settings and scroll down to “Activate when receiving on.” Make a name for the event. Do the same for the “Deactivate when receiving on” entry, but use a different name, for example “turnOff.”

Step 3: Send a signal

Go to a device you’d like to control the barrier with. For this I’ll use a button. Go to the “When [action], transmit on” entry and enter one of the event names for activating or deactivating the barrier. If you don’t see it, go to the All Options tab in the device settings.

Step 4: Done!

Try it out! It should work perfectly. If I missed something, or if you have any questions, just comment! Happy creating!


Thanks @nullkid for the tutorial. :grinning:

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Thank you for your help

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