How do i make my own animations in creative

like fortnite and roblox

@PEYTONTHEGOAT8 please search before you post


You can make a chat system by giving players the ability to send out certain notifications to everybody or certain other players. For emotes though, there is no way to give a custom animation to a gim like you are describing.

i also need to know all the names of the devises like what is the chat system called

I recommend using Dayy’s Chat system and modifying from there.

If you need an introduction to some devices, here is a pretty good guide

The guide I liked has info on some relevant devices such as the notification device

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allright what is this chat bar devise called again

What do you mean “chat bar”

the chat system thing

Witch one? Can you link it?

can you guys show me a screen shot of what you mean

There is no device created for a chat system, thus meaning that other methods have to be used, such as the notification one I mentioned.

what do you mean can I link it

There have been several guides witch one are you using?

what are those devises called

dayyyyyyyyys method how do you do it

i mean dayyyys giude

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