How do I add lives?

I am making a box fight and wondering how to make one of the people have an extra life.

Would this help?


For 1 player to have a limited amount of health couldn’t you do:
Lifecycle set to game start, relay set to random player, ko manager, & counter set to 2?? Wire the life cycle to the relay, the relay to the ko manager, Triggered - Activate KO manager, and the ko manager to the counter, Player knocked out - Decrement counter.???

is this single player game or multiplayer?

I think that it is a multiplayer game, but they want 1 person to get an extra life:

gotcha. let me think. going on GKC now

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hmmm. idk. You would think that it would have to do with properties but no?

he is trying to make lives for a multiplayer game.

is there a multiplayer life system guide?

There are no other guides besides the ones I have linked to you.
I recommend using the second one in the previous post.

I was using a property earlier. if you know how to work properties maybe you could make one then show us how.

Here, this guide is more suited for pvp. (WhoAmI you forgot about this lol)

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but I don’t think there is a way to make a multiplayer life system

Why not? You could make the counters player scoped.
That means they only affect the player, or not everyone else.
Or you could do teams, which affect everyone on that team.
:smirk: It is useful to know what scope is.

he wants it so they could gain a life someway, and he did not mention anything about lifesteal

I need to look at a lot of things.

So whatever they want to do, have it linked to a counter to update the lives property.
For example, link a button to the lives counter, button pressed < increment counter.
Counters can update properties.

is there a way where you can get it specified to when a player dies the player, and just the player loses a life?