How do I add lives?

because that’s what he’s asking for

Scope, scope, scope.
Make everything player scoped…
:melting_face: It’s extremely helpful. Do you need me to help you with pictures?

ok let me try on my GKC test map

oh. I see the freaking thing. (why have I never seen that before)

ok, lets get some pictures so @antony can do this

So are you done? Are you going to mark a solution?

it ain’t me who needs the help its @antony . I think he is offline
he posted it :expressionless: :expressionless:

So you two are working together?
I can add resolved until he returns so we can close this.

Wait, but does this work???

yes but mine is simpler

No, @Crimson_Knight, they want multiplayer lives.
I don’t really get this either, but hopefully they will.
They’re testing out everything right now.

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I returned, i am back

I’m making a boxfight game too! cool.

can you help me with something else?

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I can help. I’ll at least try.

no like the outside. like walls and stuff