How Can I Make the Animatronic Move?

I’m making a FNAF map for my sister (I won’t be publishing it), and I made the animatronic out of a bunch of props. Anyway, instead of making all of those props move, I built a bunch of copies of the animatronic throughout the map and covered them with leaves. My idea is that only one of those pile of leaves will be hidden at a time, so the animatronic will only be at one place at a time.

How can I code it so that the animatronic will move to adjacent “positions” randomly in a random time interval (preferably with a range of 5-30 seconds)

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I think I’ve looked at your guide before! It’s really helpful but I’m a bit unsure about the blocks and coding and how it just works in general. I’m not sure what to use the blocks on, and the function of a trigger, cycle, etc…

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how exactly will your game work? are there multiple animatronics??

These guides should help


Hopefully, but currently, I’m trying to make just one work

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Alright, do you have any advice specifically or no?


this screenshot kinda sums it up, using bonnie as an example


What exactly is “BonnieAI”? I’ve tried to figure that out. It think it’s a property, but how exactly do I connect this back to my leaves?

It’s a Variable.
Go to the Variables gate and create a new variable.
The name can be anything you want, I just made it “BonnieAI” to make it more organized.

so bonnie ai is the example, in order to get “bonnieai” (or any property for that matter) you need to get into a trigger’s block code. let me get a screenshot

But by itself, the variable is meaningless right?

If you do nothing to the variable then yes, it is meaningless. You have to alter the variable using blocks, then it has a use.

I suggest reading this guide for Variables Help.

Screenshot 2023-12-15 8.46.21 PM
Screenshot 2023-12-15 8.47.06 PM
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You don’t need the get property block since it’s a variable.

oh, that probably what ive been doing wrong then

These code blocks always confuse me- how do I use them???

You could also refer to this: