How can I make both an endurance upgrade and an efficiency upgrade?

I can make both of these but they both interfere with each other. Can someone help me?

Anyways the endurance upgrade can be used with a movement meter. Have a defualt endurance like 5 energy per second, and then have your vending maching on transmit to channel and connect it to another movement meter that does 2.5 energy per second. (I can add pictures if needed).

Endurance increases the Energy Cap while Efficiency makes you run using less energy.

The main idea for Endurance is to have a property increase when an upgrade is bought and check what property amount (endurance lvl) the player has to make them not ovveride each other.
(Ex. player buys upgrade that increases energy cap from 5,000 → 10,000 and buys an upgrade that increase energy cap from 1,000 → 5,000)

For the efficiency upgrade, it’s more or less the same but with movement meters.

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Can you please add pictures?

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Ya sure, but you should check out the other guides; because, it’ll take a while.

The ones on the left are defualt and the ones on the right are the upgrade ones. For the vending machine wire a awire from the machine to the upgrade saying, “When item purchased → activate” (Whatever the device is).

do you have to deactivate the manager for energy on the left

Yes you do. (I do it just to be safe). And don’t forget to mark a solution.

when I tried that it said Item purchased — activate manager or item purchased — clear item from inventory

Nevermind, I read it wrong. (sorry) So with the endurance upgrade you can’t deactivate it, but it’ll still work. You only need to connect the wire from endurnance vending machine to the endurance upgrade device.

yes, youll also need some blockcode (maybe multiple counters but itll take lots of memory if you make multiple upgrades so blockcode is the most viable option)

basically the block code from a trigger (use a counter-linked property)


(Vending Machine) Item Purchased --> (Trigger) Trigger

Set Property "Endurance/Efficiencylvl"
Value +1

if Get Property "Endurance/Efficiencylvl" = #
do Broadcast Message On Channel "increasecap/activatedeactivate_mm"

else if Get Property "Endurance/Efficiencylvl" = #
        do Broadcast Message On Channel "increasecap/activatedeactivate_mm"


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I don’t understand blockcode.


But it works thanks for helping Haiasi and Captain Gim!

this should help
includes the basics of blocks and logic gates which is what you use here

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Yep, anytime. Glad I could help.

@Beluga_Whale, welcome to the forums! It’s a pleasure to have you here! If you need help, just ask, because that is what we’re here for!

can u add pictures ??

@unknownHEHE I had one at the top, and many others have made pictures. Also, welcome to the forums. Check out new-user-must-read and forum-tips.

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