How to make an Energy Cap Show up Difficulty 4/10

Credit to @SoapMan for this.
Use his guide: How to have an energy cap! (🟩)


Now, make a Movement Meter like this:

Make the IIM like this:

Make a Property like this:

Make a Game Overlay like this:

Go to blocks, and make something like this(The number is your limit; you can change it):

Extra: Using the Questioner

Place your Questioner down. Make that answer questions button(If you want it).
Make a Checker like this:

The value part is your limit. This will check every time you have a change in Energy Level. Wire the checker to your questioner, making the Questioner screen close when the check passes.

Extra: Out of Energy Notification

Wire the Movement meter to a A Notification Device, showing it. The Notification will look something like this:

(I used Error for the Type).

You’re done! I hope this was useful!


Are you doing all of them? Great work!

I guess…
I have time to make a generator tomorrow, so I will.

Oh, I get how you could do that. Just a vending machine, repeater, and item granter.

(I’m not making it, btw)

I’ll make it when I have time

Umm, I’m pretty sure you can just… err…

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Oh I didn’t know.

What shall we do about this?

Idk I think I’ll just leave this.

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Link it to the atoms of Gimkit.

I like this a lot, personally I change the “out of energy” to a warning notif not an error notif. But, completely up to you!

Nice guide, mate. Thanks for the credit!

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