How to have an energy cap! (🟩)

Step 1 - Place down an Inventory Item Manager, and put energy in it.
Step 2 - Go to the “Behavior” category.
Step 3 - Put “Set Maximum Amount” to Yes and “Maximum Amount” to whatever you want your cap to be at. In this case, I put 10,000.
Step 4 - And at that point, you are basically finished!


I actually didn’t know how to do this!

Nice guide!

However, short guides are very likley to get flagged, due to not having a lot of info.

Try to add other settings about the IIM, maybe turn it into a guide on the IIM?

Just try to make it longer.

Was thinking of making a guide to the Popup soon. Also, thanks loads for the info.

Nice job! I’m a little surprised how nobody’s made a guide for this.

(prove me wrong!)

On the Nature of a Popup: A Comprehensive Guide to the Popup, and it’s Place in the Community coming up!

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes I want to see the pictures

(Then triggers? I don’t know)

Hey there! Could we add something like how to make an overlay say
[amount of energy/[max limit like some of the 2d game modes?
This would make it a little better and give it that something it needs.

I would usually only make those on devices that are not well known/ underutilized. I might do one for all 39-40 devices, but it’ll take a while.

I wish the IIM had a minimum amount, too. That would be useful.

Honestly, same here.

Very cool! Didn’t know how to do this!

i tried this something is bugged with either my repeater or the inventory item manager

What is happening to it?

bump and i… well…
also it’s 40 less memory too… i’m not sorry for runing the party anyways time to speedrun dld