Help on fortnite map

SO i am wanting to create a fortnite map and i need help and dose anybody know what the season is going to be and what is the map going to look like?

I would think that that would be too hard and maybe gimpossible because making building is too hard and takes up too much memory.

Please don’t get off-topic.

If you want the new season it is called OG, it is season 1 collabed with season 4 chapter 4. But here is a list of guides that can help you make the zone and stuff.

Let me know if these help!

what do u mean off topic who were u talking to

This part.

He was talking to you and @Haiasi, that was not off- topic. But i agree it may be to hard to make building a thing, and there is no system yet.

what dose og stand for could you show me so pictures of it and the new map or is the map going to stay the same

Nope, I was talking to @Winston1

OG means original, that is the new and current season, now this is becomeing a bit off-topic. You can search it up on the web for more info.

but i was not of topic if i was what was i off topic on

i can’t i am at school and i don’t have a computer to do it at my house

Off-topic means its not 100% about gimkit, your topic is but

Is a question about fortnite not gimkit, so it is some what off-topic.

thats not of topic bud

The new season starts this week so I don’t have photos, but when you get home you can look it up.

it is kinda asking questions about fortnite so lets get back on topic i can help you build the map on the wix if you would like

ok thank you would you like to start right now

We both can, I was going to make Gimnite, but I don’t have the storge to.

Here is a link to the wix;