Help on fortnite map

hey winston remember no codes on the forums only on the wix

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yes all three of us can but how are you going to J0in

I don’t no what the wix is i am new

i don’t no what the wix is i am new

You have to create an account and then you can post codes, and chat freely with the other users.

nvm(meaning nevermind) i gotta help on some elses map i promised to help on sorry but i can later

ok but what is it on

ok but i am in school

and nvm they left i was too late darn it go to member chats and start either a d m or just wait for idk wolf to create a group chat

most people on school can’t get on the wix because it blocked and if that the case a google doc is recommend now let get back on topic

could i just give you the c0de

nope not on the forums bud sorry

is the wix on here or something else

I gave you link to the wix, have your created an account?

i did not see it were is it

-_- bud what did we just tell ya anyways just click the link to the wix or is it blocked?

WERE is it on this chat or something else because i did not get or see no link

scroll up its above one of my comments

@Winston1 u might wanna delete that code and change it