Help making a tycoon

Anyone who can help pls be a tycoon expert

A tycoon like fishtopia and farmchain?

No like a pizza tycoon

A pizza tycoon?

yeah where you build a pizza resturant

main currency will be money btw

um try these guides for insparation?


Ok…I’m not sure exactly how you could do that? Maybe you can have things appear once you press a certain button…or go into a certain zone? :black_cat: :heart:

That would also work :heart: :cat:

the simpleset is teh cash per-second or the button press.

@WolfTechnology could you show me by chance

the cash per-second?

i want it to be a multiplayer game with at least 4 tycoons @WolfTechnology

like those roblox games?

no like the buttons or the purchasing stuff

in a way yes @Alex_x

i can help with that but you have to make what they purchase i can make the system.

walls, & the floors stuff like that

codes art allowed.

i know, those arn’t allowed, i got teh code but please remove that post.