Game mode help (too short title)

Of course! I’d like some guides, thanks @Captain-Gim !

Kamauouer, needs assistance at making a throwing bomb.

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Does it mean that we need to make animations? Until now, I still am a newbie in Gimkit.

It is more detail with animations but not needing you can always use 2 frames the throw and explosion, anyway I’m almost done the guide like 2 more steps left and then I’m done

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That’s great! You might give the solution after all!

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Some guides
Self promotion

The books of Tetris 1: The beginning (Brainstorming, ideas, and tile checking) 3/10🟩

The Captain-Gim'erican way to making a racing game

Art with characters, barriers, and cards (a few random things for you to choose form and look at)

How to make Gimball (Pinball) (sorta wip) - #54 by Captain-Gim

[ 📰 ] Resources for all of the Resources

Journey of block code: Section 1, Chapter 1: block code

Essence of Block Code: An Introduction to Variables and Logic

I may add more later, but this was just a few. Anyone can add if they want.

About the bombs:
It would be better if there was a bomb for every 3 by 3 area to be placed then it would also explode in that area. Of which can be placed by a game overlay. This would save memory.

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Wow, this is a lot! This is a lot for sure! Racing game? Nice!

yeah it would require animation, i would have it animate for a fast through at 0.2 to 0.3 seconds between frame. And to make the bomb use a text box with a bomb emoji rotated to spin kin the animation or have a custom barrier art with a backboard leg and fire emoji to make a bomb. And to make the explosion i would just make it be rocks tinted black, red, and orange(fire colors). And then you can have fire emojis and rubble(rocks, metal, wood, etc) as the leftover of the bomb.


Anyway this is turning into a flame wars and off-topic I’m gonna finish the guide and then leave this post.

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we never said they had to look good just that you can see it the game has some lag anyway

and sorry to ruin that didn’t see that till now

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It’s fine tbh im scared to finish to guide because of the flamewars that happened earlier :skull:

wait what i missed wars :(, i knew i shouldn’t have gone and done my mowing job

no do your job, anyway ill publish it when the user of this post comes back.

becoming off-topic so cya!

May I please suggests you revise your map to follow guidlines

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It’s a mini game not a bomb threat…

it is a mini game if you belive it is message a gimgod and let them decied the fate of this place

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Welcome to the forums @Kamauouer.

okay i will have a good day ill be gone till late tonight

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Did someone say bombs?!
Here to help! Give me like 2 hours I got school