Art with characters, barriers, and cards (a few random things for you to choose form and look at)

This guide is a work in progress.

In this guide I’ll allow you to comment any ideas of art that can be used in games or give suggestions or improvement ideas.



This is easy. Just layer the tires just right to make it appear as if they’re stacked or leaning on one another.
Screenshot 2024-01-03 1.55.47 PM
Screenshot 2024-01-03 1.56.01 PM
Screenshot 2024-01-03 1.56.12 PM

Wooden kart

I recommeand using this for any medival game. Just use signs and sheilds.
Screenshot 2024-01-10 4.09.27 PM

Fish in a bucket

Create a bucket and put a fish stack on it.
Screenshot 2024-01-10 4.11.05 PM

Car going up a hill

By using wooden signs being tilted you make all kinds of 3d looking objects.
Screenshot 2024-01-11 9.20.55 AM


Captain-Gim's Gim

This is me as a gim. I used a lot of barriers that took a while to layer.
Screenshot 2024-01-10 9.18.20 AM

Captain America/Captain-Gim Sheild

Use this for any Captain-America purposes.
Screenshot 2024-01-10 3.20.50 PM

Oven fire with barrier gradients

Use a lot of barriers to make it gradually fade.
Screenshot 2024-01-11 9.24.52 AM


A simple car that can be used in a city.
Screenshot 2024-01-11 10.17.04 AM

Gim cards/Gimemon cards:

Captain Gim card

Screenshot 2024-01-10 3.07.34 PM

Captain-Gim card shiny

This is my rare shiny card.
Screenshot 2024-01-10 3.07.29 PM



Wanna make a Goldilocks story? Look no further than a pink sentry with golden colored wooden plates.
Screenshot 2024-01-11 10.24.06 AM

Muddy boy

Don’t mind this green guy, he just came up out of a bunch of dirt.
Screenshot 2024-01-10 4.13.57 PM

Sentry Squids

Using colored coral you can match the green and pink sentry to make squids.
Screenshot 2024-01-11 10.35.45 AM



You can use this in games that take place in a class. For this I mostly used tables, papers, and codexs.

Gaming setup

Simple, it has tables, computers, and a chair.
Screenshot 2024-01-11 9.37.47 AM

Dining Hall

Mix and match the castle terrian for a more colorful and fun look.
Screenshot 2024-01-12 131610


The new group of WON (World organization of non-animals is up and running. You can come on only if your TL1 or above, you can be gim or human, and no cussing.
If you want to be a part of WON. just use the blur in the comments and type WON, but you also have to make sure everything else is on topic. I’ll update it on my bio.

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Is that good or bad intresting? I’ll add more.


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How did you make the cards?

I used google slides. There was once a topic for it, but then it was closed. I made the cards for it, but it was too late.

I think they have to be made in GKC or this might get flagged

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Well, there’s thumbnail guides which don’t use Gimkit Creative to make them sometimes, so they all come back and relate to Gimkit Creative.

hmm okay, just to clarify thumbnails as in when you are publishing a map?

Yes, correct. (20 characters).

you can use <> (put you characters in between) to hide text, just not with special characters or numbers

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Thank you, I’ve been wondering how people do the bump thing with just bump showing.

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Erm…this may not be necessary as most people are not gonna make a Captain Gim gim in their games…maybe try to make some more, with different varieties?


Ok, thank you.

How did you make the gradient cards?

Also, this is a big variety of things. Next time, I suggest mainly focusing on one thing or category.

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Screenshot 2024-01-10 172212
@GimSolver this is how. I used Google slides to make them.
Also, I plan on adding more I just thought I’d had way more than I did. I was tired when I posted it, so I wasn’t completely focased.

You used google slides. But how did you transfer it into the game?

I didn’t. I just mimicked it with barriers, and I used a star emoji for the sheild.

So the background isn’t really there?