Depressing hallway

so like my hallway rn just looks empty and sad bc idk what to put in it.

just like tell me whats in your hallways or something idk

Put flower pots.

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Plants, bookshelves, boxes strewn about like my house, etc.

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Put A Puddle Of Water With This Guide:

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This. Is. the. funniest. concept. I’ve ever seen.

Add a depressed water station, with a little bit of water in it!


You could look in here and see if there is anything that you think would be a good addition!

Also here

depressed coffee maker


I have an idea! (crazy right?) Maybe use lanterns and transparent barriers to make a roof-like subject! please make it so that when you walk in the hallway you can see the brightness of the light :slight_smile:

also, add black barriers to make it darker and brighter for thee bright lanterns in a dark hallway to make the darkness bright and the bright bright.


Add a sign on the wall! Use the text device to make Agent of the Month!


And @vqnillaxx, is the point to make the hallway look depressing or are you asking for things to add? Either way, this is the funniest Help topic name ever.

i got confused when i saw this… :rofl: I thought it was how to make one. i am now thinking the title will be better saying “how do i fix my depressing Hallway?”

I know, similar! :slight_smile:
Back on topic, now. Or is it? Idk.

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i need thingies to add

Oh, alright. Let’s think about this…

How can you make agenda of the month?
For example, the one with the most knockouts is the agenda of the month…

Well, what type of game are you making?

I think it’s probably just a map.

Use blocks!

Oh, yeah, using blocks is easy with that.

It might not be easy, you’d need to figure out a score mechanism.
Oh wait, I have an idea.
Sorry I can’t show you now.

put props in there.